Len Cook's anagama 4
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Above: fired pots

Materials used in the kiln
Floor: Rylance dense fireclay tiles 12ins x 12ins x 3ins
Hotface arch: Rylance dense firebricks
Outside arch layer:Townsville common red house bricks
Insulating layer, 5ins thick: mixture local Paluma fireclay and coarse sawdust from local sawmill.
70 clay:30 sawdust
Hard skin: 1 ins thick layer of Paluma fireclay and Darley air setting refractory mortar 50-50

Side stoking was directly on top of the pots in the foreground.

Clays used in the anagama pots
A blend of a lighter burning kaolinitic Paluma clay is used and is sometimes blended with Feeney's White Stoneware or Johnstone Brothers JB1 or JB3.

Wad clay
Pink Paluma fireclay (coarsely sieved through fly wire) plus fine sawdust. Although high in iron the clay is very refractory and leaves a dark mark on the clay body.

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